Sugar Plum Gift Package


60 Minute Swedish Massage with Scalp Massage Add-On, Exfoliating Full Body Sugar Scrub, and Hydrotherapy Tub.


Swedish Massage is the most requested type of full body massage. This massage has great potential for relaxation and health benefits, during the session the massage therapist will go slower to avoid applying too much pressure. Our massage therapists use organic creams to facilitate smooth gliding strokes over the entire body. This technique can assist in reducing pain, stiffness in joints and poor circulation. Combined with a Scalp Massage added, all the stress and tension will melt away!

Add our exfoliating hand and foot scrub that uses exfoliating cleanser to massage and deeply cleanse the hands and use a scrub to massage and exfoliate the feet. Both hands and feet are then wrapped in warm towels and moisturized with lotion, leaving the skin soft and glowing. Finally, a soak in our hydrotherapy tub will help reduce stress and tension while promoting relaxation.


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